Disgust at ‘massive’ grants to Donegal fur farms


The Irish Council against blood sports has expressed its anger over revelations that two fur farms in Donegal have received over €200,000 in state funding.

It’s understood that Tazetta fur farm near Glenties has received at least six annual grants over the past decade from state body Údarás na Gaeltachta.

The grants were provided under employment and capital grant schemes. The funding began in 2009 when the company received a €10,400 grant.
The following year, Údarás na Gaeltachta handed over €26,000 to the fur farm.
This was followed by €28,261 in 2014, €58,149 in 2015, €7,090 in 2016 and €3,560 in 2017.
Figures for 2018 are not available.

In its lists of “enterprises which received grants”, Údarás outlines that the grants to Tazetta relate to “saothrú fionnaidh” (“cultivation of fur”).

Meanwhile another fur farm, Roxy Ltd in Killybegs - which is now closed down - received €82,123 over the last two decades from Údarás na Gaeltachta.
In a statement, ICABS called for an end to these grants and have renewed their appeal to the government to ban fur farming entirely.