Aura management “deeply regret” misleading statement

The management of the Aura Leisure Centre have apologised this morning for wrongly stating that all children affected by yesterday's incident in the pool had been released from hospital.

Management say pool water contained in the filtration system leaked back into the pool, causing some foul odours and cloudiness in the water.

A number of people in the pool had a reaction to the incident.

In a statement today management said:

"In speaking this morning with the parents of the children who were brought to the regional hospital yesterday, we learned that, contrary to what we had been advised by the hospital yesterday afternoon, two children were in fact retained for observation overnight.

We deeply regret the misleading statement yesterday that said all the children had been discharged, and any upset caused to the parents and children involved. The safety and wellbeing of the children in question is of our utmost concern. We will endeavour to maintain close contact with those involved throughout the day"