Clocks go forward this weekend as Government considers scrapping the practice

The clocks go forward this weekend - and it may be one of the last times it happens.

The government is considering the results of a consultation process on scrapping the seasonal ritual of 'spring forward and fall back'.

The clocks will change from 1am to 2am in the early hours of tomorrow morning giving us brighter evenings but an hour less in bed.

But the clock is ticking for the practice of changing over between winter and summertime with the EU proposing to scrap the practice by 2021.

It had originally proposed to make the change this year, but that was extended to allow member states co-ordinating changes with neighbouring countries.

For Ireland - it's another Brexit dilemma.

A Europe-wide poll received four-and-a-half million responses - 84 percent in favour of switching permanently to either summer or winter time.

But Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan says it would present challenges for Ireland if the UK were to adopt a different position .... and the Taoiseach's said he wouldn't allow a situation where the North is in a different time zone to the rest of Ireland.

So the countdown continues ... and so does the debate.