Donegal County Council considering draft capital budget

Donegal County Council is considering it's draft capital budget for the next three years, with planned expenditure of almost €418 million.

According to the draft capital budget presented to members today, Donegal County Council will spend almost 418 million euro over the three years between 2019 and 2021.

In his report to members, CEO Seamus Neely outlined a number of priorities for next year's, including building 138 housing units, acquiring another 76 through turnkey and a further 30 through the Social Housing Investment Programme.

Advancement on the Ten-T project on the N13, N14 and N15 is also projected, as is progression on the N56 and continued investment in piers and harbours.

In terms of funding, Mr Neely said as well as pursuing all possible funding streams from government departments and national agencies, the council will continue to maximise available EU funding. He stressed the council will also seek to ensure that matching funds will be available to ensure all possible funding can be secured.

In his submission to members, Acting Head of Finance Richard Gibson said funding would be an issue, and stressed that all figures were estimates and projects will only proceed when complete funding packages are confirmed.

The draft Capital Programme was extensively debated today, with members from all Municipal Districts outlining projects and priorities which they do not believe are being sufficiently prioritised.

The executive has pledged to respond in writing to the specific issues raised by members.