20th anniversary of bombing being marked in Omagh and Buncrana

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Omagh bomb in which 29 people and unborn twins lost their lives.

No one has ever been convicted for the Real IRA bombing.

Michael Gallagher's son Aiden was one of whose who died.

On the anniversary of the atrocity, Michael is again, calling for Governments on both sides of the border to hold a public inqiury into the bombing...........

Ceremonies take place in Omagh today to mark the anniversary, while a vigil will also take place tonight in Buncrana to remember eight year old Oran Doherty, twelve year old Shaun Mc Laughlin and 12 year old James Barker who were in Omagh on a trip with a group of Spanish students staying in the town at the time.

Twelve year old Fernando Blasca and 23 year old Rocio Abad Ranmos also lost their lives.