‘Significant’ prehistoric hoard of gold bands unearthed in Donegal

Significant artefacts which appear to date from the Bronze Age have been discovered in Donegal. 

Experts from the National Museum have travelled to the site where the artefacts were discovered.

According to RTE News, Gold rings that were recovered are said to be "arm-sized" and the find is being described as "very significant".

The items were removed from the site and are being transferred to the National Museum of Ireland, where they will be put on display when further investigations are concluded.

"The National Museum of Ireland is delighted by the news of this exciting find," according to Lynn Scarff, the Director of the National Museum of Ireland.

"The Museum would like to recognise the co-operation of the finders and the local community in Donegal.

"We would also like to acknowledge our colleagues at the Donegal County Museum for their collaboration and assistance with this discovery, and look forward to working closely with them in relation to this find over the coming months."