Concern at no Ability Programme funding allocation in Donegal

The post from i.C.A.R.E social media.

A new graphic illustrating the allocation of Ability Programme funding has sparked concern in the North West.

The Inishowen-based i.C.A.R.E committee shared the graphic to their social media, which shows allocations of €16 million in funding for young people with disabilities, none of which occur in Donegal.

It has sparked widespread concern that the North West has been neglected by the state in terms of funding and allocation of resources, with Donegal TD Pearse Doherty describing the announcement as a "severe blow to the groups in Donegal who have provided services to the people of Donegal without any state support for over a decade".

Meanwhile, i.C.A.R.E, has reaffirmed in their post, that there are large numbers of young people in urgent need of such funding across the county and have called on Government ministers to assist in addressing the issue.