15% rise in homelessness in Donegal

There were 30 people homeless in Donegal last month, up 4 compared to figures from March. That's a rise of 15%.

Across the whole Northwest, 59 people, 30 in Donegal and 29 in Sligo, registered as homeless during the period 23rd - 29th April, representing 1% of national figures with a total of 5963 people presenting as homeless across the country.

The latest figures published by The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government show that during the week of 23rd - 29th April 59 adults were recorded as homeless in the North West region, equal to figures from the period 19th – 25th March.

Of those 10 adults sought private emergency accommodation, 26 received supported temporary accommodation, 12 were provided with temporary emergency accommodation and 11 accessed other local authority managed emergency accommodation.

During the same period, in the region 3 families presented themselves as homeless, comprising of 4 adults, 2 of which were single parent families and a total of 8 dependents.