Corbyn says Lifford Bridge is symbol of openness of Good Friday Agreement

The Labour Leader says Lifford Bridge is a symbol of the openness of the Good Friday Agreement.

Jeremy Corbyn visited the Donegal/ Tyrone border this morning during a visit to the North West to witness the reality of what a border would mean for the people in the border regions.

It was put to the Labour Leader today on Lifford Bridge that installing cameras at the Donegal/ Strabane border would make no real difference but Mr Corbyn says it would indeed be a symbol that the bridge has now become a hard border and said that he did not want to see a return to the troubles and a descent away from the Good Friday Agreement.

He spoke of the many people who commute across the border on a daily basis and said the community was on both sides of the river.

The Labour Leader once again urged parties in Northern Ireland to come together to end the political deadlock as without a power-sharing executive at Stormont the people of Northern Ireland don't have a voice amid Brexit negotiations: