46 people in North West presented as homeless during last week of 2017

There were 46 people homeless in the North West between 25th and 31st December last year.

Of those 19 were recorded homeless in Donegal with a further 27 in Sligo.

Nationally, 5508 adults were homeless during the week following Christmas with a total of 1408 families homeless.

During the last week in December 46 people in the North West accessed local authority managed emergency accommodation.

Of those, 35 were men and 11 women.

1 person was supported by Private Emergency Accomodation, 23 by Supported Temporary Accommodation which includes hostels and onsite professional support and 13 received Temporary Emergency Accommodation.

Two families were homeless in the region during the period 25th to 31st December last year, 3 adults, 1 of which was a single parent.