Health Minister says 63 Donegal women had abortions abroad in 2016

We can't continue to outsource the issue of abortion, according to the Health Minister.

Simon Harris spoke strongly in favour of repealing the 8th amendment as he opened the Dáil debate last night.

Most of the speeches were in favour of repeal, with some outlining why they felt the 8th amendment should be kept.

Minister Harris said women from every county travel abroad for abortions each year, and read into the record of the Dail the numbers from every county in the country in 2016. There were 63 from Donegal.

Minister Simon Harris says it's time to deal with the problem..............

His speech has been described as “deeply divisive and mean-spirited” by the Pro-Life campaign.

Spokesperson Cora Sherlock said Minister Harris has chosen to smear an entire group of people as a substitute for real debate.