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Mouse in the house! Irish family who went viral with bat video can’t escape critters

The bat may have flown the nest, but there's a new furry friend in town.


"Catch him Derry!" became one of the most viral catchphrases of the Internet during 2017. Now, Derry has his work cut out for him once again as a mouse invades his family's Kerry home.

Between memes, remixes, t-shirts, an on-air interview with Jimmy Kimmel, and the viral #BATDAD, when a mouse dared rear its head in the Flemming home, it was ample opportunity for a sequel.

The video, already gaining millions of views, shows son Tadhg instructing Derry on how best to catch the creature.

With a crutch, a broom handle, a pair of shorts, and a jacket - "incase he gets cold" - on hand, the furry friend doesn't stand a chance. Although he does put up a good game of hide and seek, sending the men rummaging around the fridge and the china cupboard.

Watch the video below - sound on for full effect!

Here's the origial bat video that made them famous:

And here's a look at the Flemings when they're not busy chasing pests:

The Flemings. Source: Twitter

The Flemings. Source: Twitter

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He has the poor dogs plagued 😂🙈🎄🎅🏻 #MistletoeTing

Life with Derry is Great 😂😂❤️ #wouldnthavehimanyotherway