Good and New Charity Shop did not keep till receipts for goods sold in shop

It has been revealed that the Good and New Charity Shop in Letterkenny did not keep till receipts for goods sold in the shop.

According to the Sunday Times, accountants for the charity shop say lack of daily income reports meant it had to qualify its opinion on whether the accounts gave a “true and fair view” of the charity’s finances.

The accountants, S MacRory & Co in Letterkenny, said it had to "qualify" its opinion that the accounts for the past two years had been properly prepared because of the lack of records. "There are no till receipts or 'Z totals' [daily totals] to provide additional evidence of the completeness of shop sales," it said.

In a statement issued on behalf of the organisation it said: "There are audited accounts for Good and New for both a 12 month and 19 month period. All daily records are manually written down and the Good and New Volunteers have been, and are currently working with, the accountants to put best practice in play in relation to accounting processes".

Sunday Times journalist is Mark Tighe: