Donegal man’s ban from entering Derry reduced

A 22 year old man who was sentenced to 10 months in prison and banned from entering Derry for ten years has had his ban reduced to five years.

Nathan McDaid, of Meenavanaghan, Quigley's Point, Co Donegal had been convicted in 2015 for assaulting his former partner.

The Court heard today from defence counsel Ms Nicki Rountree that the ten year ban from entering Derry was 'disproportionate.'

The court was told that since the imposition of the restraining order preventing McDaid from entering the city there had been one breach and in November last year McDaid had been sentenced to probation and a suspended sentence.

Ms Rountree said that McDaid had been excluded from the city for two years and that his family all lived and worked in Derry and that he was having difficulties getting work and completing his probation.

Judge Babington told McDaid 'you were sentenced for a quite ghastly assault on the mother of your child' and he added that it was 'no wonder the victim was still frightened and concerned about meeting you.'

The Judge concluded saying the defendant is still banned from Derry but the 10 year ban has been reduced to 5.