Still no breakthrough on border issue in Brexit talks


There's a special cabinet meeting this morning to update ministers on Brexit talks.

It's thought there's been no breakthrough on the issue of the border with Northern Ireland.

Diplomats in London and Dublin were talking all through the weekend trying to reach some agreement on the border issue.

Without it Theresa May will head to Brussels today without enough to move Brexit talks to the next stage

Today is the EU deadline for proposals on key issues in the first stage of Brexit talks

EU leaders will decide formally next week if talks can progress and the British government have argued the border should be dealt with at the next stage

Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney don't share that view, and EU leaders have rowed in behind the Irish government, essentially saying if Ireland isn't ready to move on then no one is

The Taoiseach and Tánaiste will brief the cabinet at nine, likely to tell them progress has been made - but not enough