Tierney vows arson attack will not deter him from his work

Derry Councillor Brian Tierney says he will not be deflected by an attack on his home over the weekend.

He and his wife Cheryl have issued a statement this morning pledging to continue their efforts to make the city a better place for everyone living there.

Cllr Tierney's car was set alight outside their home while he, his wife and their children were in the house.

Cllr Tierney says the support he has received from his SDLP colleagues has been incredible, and the support from across the political spectrum, including the Secretary of State, has been a source of comfort to the family.

In their statement this morning, he and his wife Cheryl say they will not be deterred by this attack, and it will not stop the work that they are doing.

Cllr Tierney concluded the generosity that he and his family have seen, from across the city and from across the island, far outweighs the hate of those who carried out this act.

The staterment concludes “We are Derry people. We are proud to have the support of the people of Derry. And we’ll continue to do all we can to make this city a better place".