Census 2016 suggests use of Irish language in Donegal is declining


The CSO has published figures suggesting that the use of the Irish language in Donegal is declining.

Almost 57,000 people over three years of age in the county stated that they could speak Irish in last year's census, down 3.8% on 2011.

Census 2016 found that just over 37% of people over the age of three in Donegal could speak Irish, slightly below the national figure of almost 40%.

7,931 people spoke Irish daily outside of the education system last year, down 13% on the 2011 figure.

The latest figure reflects 5.2% of the population aged 3 and over, compared with 1.7% at national level.

When Irish languauge usage in Gaeltacht towns and villages was assessed, Meenlaragh and Ranafast topped the league at 73% and 67% usage respectively, while an assessment of national trown over 10,000 population, Letterkenny was top, at almost 3% usage.

Statistics relating to education have also been published, with just over 33% of people over 15 saying they had a third level qualification. That's below the national average of 42%.

Females accounted for almost 61% of all graduates, with males comprising just over 39%.

Just over 18% had completed their education at lower secondary level and almosdt 27% at upper secondary level.

Almost 22% either completed their education at primary level or said they had no formal education.


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