Good Friday Agreement must be protected during Brexit discussions – McHugh

Government Chief Whip and Donegal Minister Joe McHugh has told a cross-border trans-Atlantic initiative in Boston that the Good Friday Agreement must be protected “in all its forms” during Brext discussions.

Minister McHugh said "Let’s be clear. We will not agree to a hard border in whatever form – personnel, technology, video cameras or physical infrastructure. We cannot go back."

“We are committed as an island; we don’t want that. We don’t want a scenario where a border comes back again.”

The Minister was speaking at the Golden Bridges project event which brings together leaders in business, local government, education and other sectors from Donegal and Derry with their counterparts from Massachusetts.

The Donegal Fine Gael TD said that the government would do everything possible to protect the Good Friday Agreement, with next year marking the 20th anniversary of the peace deal.