North West delegation in Boston

A North West delegation is in Boston after a series of meetings this week ahead of the Golden Bridges conference tomorrow.

The cross border group is made of council officials, politicians, education leaders and local business

The schedule has included meetings with civic and business leaders in Philadelphia, Worcester and Boston itself.

Earlier this week, the President and CEO of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce, Tim Murray, hosted the Ireland North West delegation for a series of meetings, including an exploration of potential links between Worcester State University and the University of Ulster, North West Regional College and Letterkenny IT.

The Donegal and Derry delegation has been joined by 15 companies from the region, all of whom are presenting at the conference and engaging in a number of meetings with potential business partners and customers.

Mr Murray said over the past number of years, meaningful economic development and academic partnerships have created opportunities to expand trade and seed future growth in new innovative sectors of the economy, and he wants that to continue.

The delegation has already met with Irish Consul General Fionnuala Quinnlan, and the companies involved are today taking part in a series of showcase ahead of the Golden Bridges Conference tomorrow.