Language support pack available for Gaeltacht families


A language support pack is available to assist families who are raising their children through Irish or those who wish to do so.

The pack is aimed at Gaeltacht families with children between 0-5 years old.

Family language support pack - initiated in 2012, involves the provision of a leaflet distributed through relevant HSE maternity services outlining the advantages of Irish and creating awareness around the support pack which is distributed to families who apply.

The pack consists of books, CDs and practical guidance on raising children through Irish. In addition, a promotional video - which can be found on youtube and on the Dept’s website was produced as part of the initiative. This short promo video highlights the advantages of raising children through Irish while fostering awareness around the availability of a support pack.

Further measures under this initiative have recently involved the production and distribution of a poster through health centres and doctors’ surgeries across the Gaeltacht in order to further highlight awareness around the issue.

Anyone wishing to avail of the package should complete the application form, which is available on the Department’s website at the following address:

Over 5,800 packs have been distributed to date. A small online survey conducted by the Dept in 2014 using "Survey Monkey" found that 85% of people were satisfied that the pack helped them promote the Irish language in the family and 94% of people were willing to recommend the pack to other families.