The top ten richest celebrities under 30 have been revealed

The Heat Rich List (via The Sun), an annual guide to the UK’s wealthiest young stars, has revealed both the top ten richest British celebrities who are under the age of 30 as well as the wealthiest under-30 stars outside the UK.

Eight of the top ten in the British list are musicians while two of them are actors - you could probably guess them all.

Adele retains her position as the richest British celebrity under 30, having amassed an incredible £132 million fortune. In spite of having to cancel shows at Wembley Stadium earlier in the year, Adele made more than £500k per night during her 121-date Adele Live tour and she’s been investing the money in a number of homes and mansions.

Second on the list is Daniel Radcliffe, with a £78 million fortune, and another Harry Potter star to make it on the list is Emma Watson, at number 5 with £48 million.

Ed Sheeran came in third place at £52 million, thanks to the success of his recent album ÷ and an 18-month world tour. Then come all the One Directioners.

Harry Styles takes fourth place with £56 million – making him the richest member of the band since their split – while Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne feature in joint six place with £40 million each (although Liam and his girlfriend Cheryl have a combined wealth of £60 million).

According to the Sun, Zayn Malik is said to have missed out on a £5 million payday when he quit the band – but he still has £37 million in the bank, giving him the number 9 spot on the list. Little Mix are at number 10.

Meanwhile, outside the UK, Justin Bieber has overtaken Taylor Swift to become the wealthiest star under 30. This is thanks to his Purpose world tour grossing £94 million, and JustMoji icons and Calvin Klein adverts earning him an estimated £62.8m over 12 months.

After Swift, in descending order, comes Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence. Heat also noted the Richest Social Media Influencers, which can all be seen below:


The Top Ten Richest British Celebrities Under 30

1. Adele (£132m)

2. Daniel Radcliffe (£78m)

3. Ed Sheeran (£52m)

4. Harry Styles (£56m)

5. Emma Watson (£48m)

6. Liam Payne (£40m)

6. Niall Horan (£40m)

6. Louis Tomlinson (£40m)

9. Zayn Malik (£7m)

10. Little Mix (£28m, £7m each)


Wealthiest under-30 stars outside the UK

1. Justin Bieber (£231m)

2. Taylor Swift (£209m)

3. Rihanna (£169m)

4. Miley Cyrus (£155m)

5. Jennifer Lawrence (£143m)


Richest Social Influencers

1. PewDiePie (£29m)

2. Dan Middleton aka DanTDM (£8m)

3. Joseph Garrett aka Stampylonghead (£6m)

4. Zoella (£3.4m)