Irish Water to invest in wastewater infrastructure in Donegal

Irish Water have today released a statement confirming, they have committed to invest in the wastewater infrastructure within Donegal to safeguard the environment and protect public health.

This follows the latest EPA report which found untreated sewerage being discharged into receiving waterways at 44 locations across Ireland.

Irish Water have confirmed they are currently progressing plans to address the discharge of untreated wastewater in Burtonport, Kerrykeel and Kilcar, three areas identified as  having no treatment or preliminary treatment only.

The utility says, the majority of the 44 affected areas listed in the EPA report already had active Irish Water projects in progress to address the lack of infrastructure.

A engineering service provider has now been appointed to undertake detailed design, planning and procurement services of the wastewater infrastructure for all areas.

It is envisaged that these works will take place over the next three years, in consultation with the Local Authorities, landowners and other stakeholders with planning applications, where required expected to be submitted to the Local Authority by early 2018.