Searches continuing of River Foyle for missing Mark Gallagher

Searches are continuing today of the River Foyle for a man who has been missing for over a week.

It is believed that 46 year-old, Mark Gallagher entered the water on Friday last.

The PSNI say Foyle Search & Rescue are coordinating searches while anyone who wishes to assist in the search are advised to be mindful of their own safety at all times.

Foyle Search & Rescue have asked that all persons searching adhere to the following safety guidelines:

1. Always stay in a group & let someone know the area you are searching and notify them when you complete your search.

2. Always carry a mobile phone.

3. Be careful along the river's edge & DO NOT enter the Glar/mud, you may become stuck and need rescued.

4. DO NOT wade or enter the water.

5. DO NOT cross over any railings riverside under any circumstances.

6. DO NOT cross over onto or walk along Rail Tracks.

7. In the event of finding any items of clothing etc: DO NOT TOUCH or remove. Please contact the PSNI on 101 who will in turn alert Foyle Search & Rescue 02871313800.

8. Check the tidal tables and weather forecast prior to commencing any search.

9. Persons searching should wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

10. It is reccomended that persons searching near the waters edge wear a Life Jacket & that all other searchers wear high-vis clothing to enable boat crew to observe them on the river banks.

11. People who are searching are reminded that river banks are extremely hazardous especially after dark.

12. Please when searching along railings or on any of the Bridges DO NOT lean over the railings as CCTV operators can not differentiate between a genuine searcher or a person who may be in need of help requiring immediate activation of the emergency services.