Garda’s partner to give evidence to the Disclosures Tribunal today


The partner of a garda whistleblower is due to give evidence before the Disclosure's Tribunal this morning.

This section of the Tribunal is focused on garda whistleblower Keith Harrison, and communications about him between TUSLA and gardai.

So far this week the Disclosure's Tribunal has been focusing on a statement given by the partner of garda whistleblower Keith Harrison at Letterkenny Garda Station in Donegal in October 2013.

Two gardai took the statement from Marissa Simms - over the course of eight hours - and a referral was sent to the HSE.

The gardai said Ms Simms spoke about her relationship with Garda Harrison and the gardai formed the view that Garda Harrison was controlling.

Both gardai denied that they had made leading or suggestive comments to Ms Simms during the course of this statement.

Ms Simms subsequently withdrew it - three months later.

She's due to give evidence before the Tribunal this morning at 10am.