Air Accident Investigation unit publishes report into Tory crash landing

An Air Accident Investigation Unit report has noted it was not able to carry out an on-site examination a microlight aircraft which crash landed on Tory Island on May 9th last year because the aircraft was moved before the incident was reported.

The investigation report has now been published.

In its report on the investigation's findings, the Irish Times says that about 40 minutes into a flight from the Finn Valley Airfield, the engine cut out as the aurcraft circled over Tory Island.

The pilot later told investigators that a few minutes before the engine cut out, he had checked the fuel gauge and that it was reading “nearly full”. He also said that he made three attempts to restart the engine using its pull cord, without success.

The pilit attempted to land on a road leading to the Tory Island lighthouse, but ended up putting the aircraft down in rough terrain. The microlight sustained substantial damage, but there was no fire, and the pilot, who only sustained minor cuts and bruises, was able to leave the aircraft unaided.

The report notes that investigators became aware of the accident following a telephone call from a local journalist the following day, and a call reporting the incident was received later on the same day from the pilot.

Two Inspectors examined the aircraft wreckage at Finn Valley Airfield two days later.

The Air Accident Investigation Unit issued a number of recommendations regarding inspections of fuel tanks and the use of unleaded petrol.

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