Council issue latest update on flood recovery work


Donegal County Council has issued their latest update regarding the flood recovery work: 

Temporary Closure of access to Five Fingers beach at Lagg, Malin
The access road to Five Finger Strand at Lagg was severely damaged in the flooding and had already suffered from coastal erosion in recent years. This has resulted in the temporary access being washed away altogether and the remaining access is unsafe for public use. For this reason it is necessary to temporarily close off this access with immediate effect.

Donegal County Council recognises the importance of this wonderful beach for the local community and visitors alike and is examining alternative options for beach access in the short term. The area is recognised as being of Designated European importance and classified as a Special Area of Conservation, a Special Protection Area and a National Heritage Area. The Council is actively engaging with local landowners and the National Parks and Wildlife Service and others to resolve the current access issue.

Road Updates
To date in excess of 600 issues have been identified on the 1500km road network in Inishowen and road users are being asked to continue to exercise extreme care when using these roads.

Donegal County Council’s Road Service is continuing to work to have the priority regional routes in Inishowen open as soon as possible and below is an update on the status of these roads:

• R240 at Riverside between Quigleys Point and Carndonagh is now open to single lane traffic. Motorists are asked to remember that there is a 20 tonne weight restriction on this road and for this reason it is not suitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) above this weight.

• R238 at Three Trees between Muff and Quigleys Point is now open to two way traffic.

• R244 at Craignahorna on the Mountain Road between Buncrana and Carndonagh remains closed. Work is continuing on repairing this road and a bespoke box culvert has been procured, ordered and is now being manufactured. It is expected that this road will be reopened in 4 weeks.

Grainne's Gap is now open with a small diversion at Thompsontown bridge. This bridge was due to open this afternoon but will not now open until Wednesday evening 20th September as the laying of the foundation was delayed due to recent excessive rainfall.

Local diversions not suitable for HGV’s
Local diversions for these regional roads are not suitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles and the Council is asking that HGVs use the following alternative routes:

• Buncrana to Ballyliffin to Clonmany to Carndonagh route or
• Muff to Quigleys Point to Moville to Carndonagh route.

Rural roads
A number of rural roads across the peninsula have been closed due to damage caused during the floods and below is an update on the current status of these roads:

L-1891-2 - Eskaheen Road to chapel - remains closed.

L-1381-2 - Meendacalliagh/Evishbreedy: Illies to Glentoghter – now open.

L-53912 – Annagh - remains closed

L-7451-1 - Drumskillen Road - remains closed

L-7631-3 - Glenbridge Road - remains closed

L-7641-1 – Gortcormacan - remains closed and due to open on Friday 29th September.

L-7681-1 - Lowertown Road/Gortcormacan - remains closed.

L-7761-2 - Knowhead Road/Calfwarn - remains closed.

Bridges damaged by floods
Approximately 115 bridges have suffered flood damage and up to a quarter of these may have to be replaced. Council staff are dealing with these bridges on a priority basis and temporary repairs are taking place to allow access. However, it may take 6 to 12 months to arrange permanent replacements.