Meteorologists forecast more extreme weather events

Weather forecasters say we can expect more extreme weather events like the Donegal floods in the coming years.

Our average temperature is now over half a degree warmer than it was 30 year ago and this trend is expected to continue.

Meteorologists from across the world are gathering in Dublin this week to discuss how they can give people better weather information.

Climatologist John Sweeney says we're likely to see more extreme weather events like Donegal in the coming years. The floods there were described as once in a 100 year event but John says it's getting worse as temperatures continue to rise:

Met Eireann's weather warning system came in for criticism after the disaster - but head of forecasting Gerald Fleming says while they're good at predicting weather systems it's much harder to predict localised weather.

They're working on increasing the number of weather stations around the country to improve accuracy but it's a costly process. Gerald says we should continue to pay attention to the warnings and familiarise ourselves with weather forecast: