Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper dies aged 74

Tobe Hooper, the horror director whose film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre terrified audiences with its brutal vision, has died aged 74.

Hooper was b est known for the 1974 low-budget pioneering horror movie which depicted a family of cannibals featuring Leatherface and was made for less than 300,000 dollars.

He went on to direct Poltergeist (1982), from a story by Steven Spielberg who also co-produced, and the 1979 mini-series Salem's Lot, from Stephen King's novel and starring David Soul and James Mason.

The director shot 1985's sci-fi horror Lifeforce, about alien vampires terrorising London, in the UK.

Hooper built a reputation for making some of moviegoers' scariest nightmares along with contemporaries like fellow director George Romero, who also died recently.

Hooper died of natural causes on Saturday in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.