HSE set up helpline for people affected by recent flooding in Inishowen


The HSE has set up a helpline for people affected by the recent flooding in Inishowen.

The helpline is available from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. The HSE has also provided an information leaflet ‘Coping with Flooding’ which has been distributed widely in the community.

This leaflet outlines the common reactions people often experience after a traumatic event, such as flooding, and what can help.

The experience of flooding last week has been very shocking and as a result people who are directly affected will feel distressed and emotional.

It is normal to feel like this after such a shocking event. The support, both emotional and practical, that is provided by family, friends, neighbours and community in general can do a lot to alleviate the feelings of distress.

However, for some it may feel overwhelming and the option of calling a helpline to talk to a professional could really help.

The HSE Helpline for Flooding can be contacted at 07491 67558 between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.