Rhys Irwin to take on Europe following selection for Moto3 Talent Cup

15 year old Rhys Irwin will be racing on the European Moto GP stage in 2018.

The Kilmacrennan teenager was selected as one of 22 riders on Wednesday at Silverstone who will compete in next year's Moto 3 British Talent Cup which is part of the main series.

From an intial shortlist of 300 riders,under 18 years from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Rhys rode his way to make the cut after being assessed on his skill and ability by current Moto GP riders.

His achievement is even greater, giving he was one of just a few riders who never rode a Moto3 bike before or have never raced at Silverstone.

He is the only rider from the Republic of Ireland to make the step into the cup series.