Brexit the focus as Varadkar makes his first visit to Belfast as Taoiseach

200 days since the government in Northern Ireland collapsed, the Taoiseach will visit Belfast this morning.

Leo Varadkar will give a speech warning the clock is ticking on Brexit negotiations, and saying that  every aspect of life in Northern Ireland will be affected by Brexit.

In a speech at Queen's University Mr Varadkar will also stress the importance of the Common Travel Area and strengthening the peace process.

He'll call for a quick restoration of power sharing in the north, after it collapsed in January.

This afternoon he'll meet with political leaders in the north, including DUP leader Arlene Foster after a week in which the two engaged in a public spat over Brexit.

With the Taoiseach taking a harder line on Brexit than his predecessor Arlene Foster said he needs to accept Brexit is going to happen and that he's being unhelpful.

Leo Varadkar will also attend a breakfast at Belfast Pride tomorrow morning.

And while he's concious of the DUP's staunchly anti gay marriage stance, he said he won't be making any compromises for anyone.