Irish film Cardboard Gangsters rakes in €365k and will hit cinemas across the UK



Successful Irish crime drama Cardboard Gangsters is set to hit cinemas across the UK.

The film, which stars Love/Hate actor John Connors (below), is being shown in more that 60 Irish cinemas as it heads into its fourth week.

Another five cinemas will screen it this weekend, said the Irish Film and Television Network.

The film premieres in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow on from Friday, August 4.

Patrick O'Neill, the managing director of Irish film distributor Wildcard, said: "We're thrilled with the success that Cardboard Gangsters has had in Ireland.

"It's really caught people's imaginations and we've been blown away by the positive response it's received.

"There's been huge interest in the film from the UK so we can't wait for audiences over there to see it."

The film follows Connors' character, Jay, as he and his gang become involved in the underworld and attract the attention of a local kingpin.