The Joule Donegal International Rally so far

Joesph McGonagle is caught on stage 2 after his off on the Donegal Rally Photo Brian McDaid

We are just past the midway point in the 2017 Joule Donegal International Rally, and we have Donagh kelly leading the field with Manus Kelly 11 seconds behind him in second place. Garry Jennings is in third, Alaistair Fisher in fourth and Sam Moffett rounds off the Top 5 in the International Category.

In the National Category, Kevin Gallagher is in first, Damien Gallagher is in second, Declan Gallagher is in third and Gary McPhillips and Johnny McLoughran are in fourth and fifth respectively.

Oisin Kelly gave a quick overview of the Joule Donegal International Rally so far...