Stage 11 Update from the Joule Donegal International Rally

Manus Kelly and Donal Barrett 2017 Donegal Rally
Photo Credit: Brian McDaid/Cristeph Studio

Manus Kelly has closed the gap on Donagh Kelly following Stage 11 at Carn Hill in the Joule Donegal International Rally. Donagh Kelly suffered some tyre trouble, which allowed Manus Kelly to come back and reduce the gap between them to 13.5 seconds.

It was the first time this year that Donagh Kelly wasn't the fastest on the stage. Garry Jennings had issues which led to him falling further behind Manus Kelly, with 38.4 seconds between third and fourth place now.

In the National Category, Kevin Gallagher has increased his lead with a 16.2 second lead over Damien Gallagher, and a 29 second lead between second and third, where Gary McPhillips sits.

Oisin Kelly had the latest from Stage 11...