People can’t get over how much Jeremy Corbyn’s son looks like Elijah Wood

It seems the UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is surrounded by celebrity doppelgangers. 

Last month it was pointed out that his aide had an uncanny resemblance to Tom Cruise.

Now it's Jeremy's son Tommy that's getting all the attention as Twitter reckons the 23 year old is a ringer for Elijah Wood.

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jeremy corbyn's son tommy looks exactly like elijah wood oh my god

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Jeremy Corbyn's youngest son looks like he's about to climb mount doom and destroy the one ring

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Currently obsessed with the fact Corbyn's youngest son is basically Elijah Wood

While not everyone is making the Elijah Wood connection, many are just happy to point out that the Labour leader's youngest son is quite easy on the eye.

I've fallen head over heels for Jeremy Corbyn's son. 😍

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So... this is Corbyn's son? HELLOOOOO COMRADE 😍

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Sooo... Jeremy Corbyn's son is an absolute fox. Once again - Corbyn has delivered.

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Story by Max Ramsbottom,