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You might be surprised by the most popular Netflix show in Ireland

The Netflix obsession continues.

Docu-series The Keepers has been hailed the new Making a Murderer and House of Cards returns for a fifth season on 30th May, so it's safe to say that the streaming site is as big as it was when first introduced.

Newly released data collated by High Speed Internet.com shows the most popular Netflix shows in 91 countries, with Black Mirror coming up trumps in Ireland.

Shameless is biggest in the United States, Call the Midwife is what people are into in the United Kingdom while New Girl takes the top spot in Belgium, South Africa and Pakistan.

The number one show overall is Sherlock and you can see the findings in full here.

Of course, Netflix shows differ depending on what country you're viewing in so what's available for one viewer won't be available for another.

To put together the information, the researchers looked at the Netflix titles available in each country and then used Google Trends data to show the most searched titles overall.

Neflix has 70.5 million subscribers globally with 53 percent of this figure based in the US. The other 57 percent of viewers can be found in Ireland (we do love it), Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, the UK, Denmark, and Norway.