Council embarking on campaign to remove illegal advertising signs

Donegal County Council is embarking on a campaign to remove illegal signage across the county.

In the coming weeks the Council will be arranging for the removal and storage of unauthorised or illegal signage and signs will be stored away.

Where possible, owners will be notified and will be given one month to retrieve their sign and if not collected after that time the signs will be disposed of.

“We are keen to support the wonderful community efforts that have taken place over the last number of months” says the Councils Director of Roads & Transportation John McLaughlin.

“And the issue of illegal signage particularly along public roads including approach roads in our towns and villages has been highlighted by various Tidy Town Committees and community groups. These signs are both unsightly and hazardous for road users and often clutter up both the roads and the footpaths,” added Mr. McLaughlin.

Advertisement signs along a public road requires the approval of the Council in the form of a licence or planning permission and further information on how to apply is available on the Councils website.