The original cast of The Godfather reunited for its 45th anniversary last night

The Godfather's often considered the greatest crime films ever made - and one of the greatest films ever made, full stop.

In the space of 45 years, neither of those statements has really changed all that much - but what of the actors, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, James Caan and Robert Duvall? What about Francis Ford Coppola? What do they make of it after all this time?

Last night saw the topline cast - sans Marlon Brando, obviously - come together at the Tribeca Film Festival for the film's 45th anniversary. The reunion panel talks about just about everything, from the initial auditions (Robert DeNiro auditioned for the first one, incidentally) to their thoughts during production. Al Pacino, for example, thought the film was going to be a bomb and called it "the worst film ever made," whilst Diane Keaton shares her own memories.

Take 90 minutes out and watch it, because it really is worth your time.


Via Tribeca / Facebook

Story by Brian Lloyd