David Schwimmer launches and stars in new campaign to fight sexual harassment

The six-film series is titled #ThatsHarassment and highlights situations in which women are sexually harassed by men in positions of power that Schwimmer hopes will "put a face" on what sexual harassment actually is.

Schwimmer teamed up with some other recognisable actors such as Emmy Rossum, Cynthia Nixon, Michael Kelly and Grace Gummer, to star in the short series and while none of the films make for easy viewing, Schwimmer's intent to make people recognise sexual harassment when it happens and "explicitly state that it's unacceptable" is definitely accomplished by watching them.

You can hear Schwimmer talk about the subject with NBC's TODAY below, and watch the '#ThatsHarassment' series below that.

Story by David O'Shaughnessy  Entertainment.ie