No one showed up to Ewan McGregor’s press junket, but he’s cool

We’ve heard of being stood up for a date but being stood up for a press junket (and remember you’re not just waiting for one person but for 50 or more) is something else.

Ewan McGregor is currently promoting Beauty and the Beast, for which he plays the French-accented, singing candelabra Lumiere, as well as Trainspotting 2, which has come and gone in Irish cinemas but is only getting released stateside now.

As we saw in the actor’s appearance yesterday on Stephen Colbert’s talk show, he has a great laissez faire, could not give a s*** attitude and it looks like he exercised much the same when he appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and had a laugh with the host about no one showing up to his press junket.

You can watch the short but hilarious segment from the show here:

Story by Deirdre Molumby