Will.i.am is filming his new music video in The Rovers Return (yes, really)

The Rovers Return isn't exactly the first establishment that might come to mind when you think of will.i.am., but the sometime Black Eyed Peas man and current mentor on The Voice is apparently a big fan of Coronation Street.

So big, in fact, that he is taking to the cobbles to film his new music video.

The Sun reports that he is filming the video for 'Fiyah' in both the Rovers and Weatherfield's local corner shop The Kabin, after 'falling in love' with the set after visiting it when he was in Manchester for auditions for The Voice.

They report an ITV source as saying: "It's going to be chaos - loaf of special effects on the cobbles and in the pub", while the three finalists in his group on The Voice - Jason Jones, Tanya Lacey and Michelle John - will also feature in the 'pyrotechnic' heavy clip.

“After much persuading of producers, and the seal of approval from Corrie veteran BEV CALLARD, he wangled his way on to the set," they report. "It’s going to be chaos — loads of special effects on the cobbles and in the pub. Will wants as much fire and explosion as the set can handle."

We wait with baited breath... until then, watch him debut his new song on The Voice over the weekend.

Story by Lauren Murphy entertainment.ie