“Cuts Cuts Cuts” an unfortunate time for an email

The days where inter-county players have to fund themselves should be a thing of the past according Alan Rodgers of the Ulster Herald.

Speaking on the email scandal coming from the Tyrone GAA camp, Rodgers said that it is unfortunate that something like this would happen in modern day football.

A Tyrone GAA player sent an email to Newstalk’s "Off the Ball" detailing his outrage claiming that the Tyrone players were funding themselves following a series of budget cuts by the county board.

“Cuts, Cuts, Cuts” the player claimed was all the thanks his team-mates received after a successful season- winning the Ulster Championship.

He also said that the cuts were holding back his team from pushing on for an All-Ireland title.

Rodgers believes that the player was well within his rights to express his annoyance but feels it was an unfortunate time for this to come out while Tyrone are on good form..