Donegal County Council exploring how to improve services through Irish

Donegal County Council has begun to draw up a new draft scheme to determine how council services are delivered through the language into the future.

People with comments or ideas on how that can be achieved are being urged to make submissions before the 10th of next month.

The primary objective of to ensure better availability and a higher standard of public services through Irish.

Submissions should ideally not exceed 4,000 words and can be made in either official language, or both.

Preferably, submissions, which will be made available on Donegal County Council's website, should be forwarded electronically to

Submissions may also be handed in to any of the Public Service Centres.

The current Language Scheme of Donegal County Council 2014 - 2017 can be accessed on the council's website.

The latest date for receipt of submissions is 4.30pm on Friday, 10th March.