Amal and George Clooney expecting twins


Amal Clooney, international human rights lawyer and wife of actor George Clooney, is pregnant with twins, according to CBS's The Talk.

"Beyoncé is not the only superstar expecting twins," host Julie Chen reported Thursday. "Congratulations are in order for George and Amal Clooney."

The 39-year-old Amal Clooney is reportedly due this June.

While joining her husband on Hollywood's red carpets since the two married in 2014, Clooney has continued her work in human rights law, recently represnting Yazidi women sold into sexual slavery by ISIS.

Recently she travelled with her husband to promote White Helmets, a Netflix documentary about the search-and-rescue teams who operated in the war-ravaged Syrian city of Aleppo.

Matt Damon 'almost started crying'

Actor Matt Damon shared his excitement for the high-profile couple on Thursday, saying he "almost started crying" when he found out about the pregnancy last fall.

Damon told Entertainment Tonight Canada that Clooney told him the news while they were filming a movie, and that Amal Clooney was about eight weeks pregnant at the time.

"I'm like, 'Are you out of your mind? Don't tell anybody else, don't tell anybody else, I mean, don't you know the 12-week rule?' Of course he doesn't," Damon said, laughing.

"Then four weeks later, 'I'm like, 'We're good right, we're good,' so I'm thrilled for him."

Damon praised Amal Clooney, calling her "a remarkable woman" and saying that George Clooney had "hit the jackpot."

News of the pregnancy comes days after singer and fellow celebrity Beyoncé announced via Instagram that she was expecting twins with her husband, Jay Z.