Lee Gooch’s Secret Sound – The Wrong Answers

Secret Sound


Lee Gooch's Secret Sound - THE WRONG ANSWERS

Opening a bottle of lucozade

Adjusting volume on baby monitor

Turning off iPhone

Taking bite out of apple

Putting sweeteners in tea/coffee

The needle lifting off a vinyl record

Pepper grinder

Squeezing a plastic bottle

Cutting the core out of an apple

Opening a pot of marmalade

Turning on extractor fan

Setting kettle back on stand

Potting a golf ball

Closing studs on a duvet

Closing buttons on a coat

Dripping tap

Putting key into ignition

Cutting your nails

Turning up or down the radio

Closing a medicine bottle

Paper Punch


Remote car key

Opening/closing a popper

Turning on/off TV

A fridge clicking on/off

Opening a cd cover

Closing a suitcase

Opening firelighters

Lighting a candle

Pulling cord to switch on bathroom light

Running fingers accross mic

Opening a purse/wallet

Closing the lid on a lunchbox

Closing a cd cover

Running your fingers over a comb

Popping bubblewrap

Opening a petrol cap

Fastening a seat belt

Cracking an egg

Taking the lid of a yogurt

Putting earphones into device

Adjusting oven temperature


Opening freezer compartment on fridge

Biting into a choc ice

Breaking the seal on a jar of coffee

Tapping your fingers on a book

Lighting fire kindling

Biting into an apple

Putting a plug into a socket

Removing an electronic tag



Taking the lid of a box of Pringles

Clapping your hands

Closing cap on a lynx bottle

Bursting bubble wrap

Taking a photo

Closing pop fasteners

Opening/closing phone case

Someone giving Lee a Christmas kiss

Playing ping pong

Closing a plastic storage box

Opening/closing a ladies purse

Opening advent calendar


Opening a can of coke

Needle dropping onto a record

Opening crisps

Clicking your fingers