Derry’s whiskey making history to be reflected in new Ebrington distillery

The makers of the whiskey which is to be distilled in Derry from next year say they want consumers to develop an "emotional link" with the product.

Quiet Man whiskey is already blended and bottled in the city by the Niche Drinks company, and it's now hoped the new distillery at Ebrington will be operational by the end of April 2018.

Managing Director Ciaran Mulgrew says this represents a return of whiskey distillation to a city which was once a world leader in the craft...............


The Quiet Man Craft Distillery Derry

Here is a video walk through of our new distillery in Ebrington Square in Derry, Northern Ireland We aim to be distilling before the end of 2017 and open for visitors in mid 2018. Ebrington Square is an old Naval Barracks which dates back to 1689 and The Quiet Man Craft Distillery will incorporate three buildings which were built in 1841. Hope you enjoy it.Thanks to my friend Conor Caldwell and Danny Diamond for providing the music for the video from their CD North

Posted by The Quiet Man - Irish Whiskey on Wednesday, 12 October 2016