Irish Water to lodge planning application for upgrade work in Glenties/Ardara



Irish Water is currently preparing to lodge a planning application for the upgrading of the existing Water Treatment Plant at Glenties-Ardara.

The proposed works include the construction of a new treatment building to house the processes of air-stripping, ultraviolet treatment and chlorine disinfection.

The purpose of installing air-stripping is to ensure THM compliance. THMs, or Trihalomethanes are chemicals formed by the reaction of naturally occurring dissolved organic material and chlorine which is used for disinfection in order to protect against pathogenic bacteria.

The project has been tendered for and tenders are currently being evaluated. It is anticipated that a contract will be awarded in April for all of the works and should take six months to complete.

Irish Water anticipates that a decision on planning will be received in April. Time lines are subject to the planning process being completed before the end of April.