Concerns that Donegal Bay silt dumping plan could jeapordise shellfish farms


Aquaculture producers in Donegal and Sligo say a government proposal to dump almost 100,000 tonnes of fine peaty silt in Donegal bay could threatening the health of millions of fish and farmed shellfish.

Following a meeting in Killybegs yesterday, IFA Aquaculture executive Richie Flynn said that producers had voiced serious concerns about the plan after an application for a licence was made to the EPA.

He said while everyone is in favour of coastal economic development and the extension of facilities in Killybegs which require dredging, dunmping the at this site would outweigh the benefits by ruining the livelihoods of oyster, mussel and salmon farmers in Donegal Bay.

Richie Flynn says submissions are now being prepared for the EPA....

Application can be viewed on the EPA website here -