Mourne River rescue group concerned at abuse of life rings


Mourne River Search and Rescue is raising concerns after a string of incidents in which life-saving rings were removed in Strabane.

This has been an ongoing issue in the area with the latest occasion resulting in a ring being found in a resident's garden.

On Tuesday last Mourne River Search and Rescue raised concern following an incident involving the removal of a life-saving ring in Strabane which was removed from the Melvin underside of the bridge and found in a residents garden, nearby.

This is not the first incident of its kind in the area, on December 11th life rings at Strabane's new footbridge and along the water wall were replaced after being removed by individuals.

The following night another life-ring was tampered with, detatched and thrown into the River Mourne.

The resuce service has praised the public for their help and says they will increase efforts and partols in an effort to resolve the ongoing problem.