Tory Island will have a priest to celebrate Christmas Mass



Catholic residents of Tory island have had their prayers answered when it was confirmed they would have a priest to celebrate Christmas Mass.

Fr Kieran Creagh had spent more than four years living on Tory Island, nine miles off the coast of Donegal, but was reassigned in September.

Since Fr Kieran Creagh was reasigned, the island's 150-strong community has been without a full-time clergyman, even though temporary arrangements have since been in place for a substitute Catholic priest to be ferried over to the isle on weekends.

Although the Diocese of Raphoe still has not assigned a permanent replacement priest for the island, residents expressed relief on learning that arrangements had been made for a priest to travel from the mainland to celebrate Christmas Mass.

Patsy Dan Rodgers, nicknamed the "king of Tory," said he was delighted with the news - he said islanders are extremely grateful because priests are so scarce these days.